We wanted to take some time and give our customers an update on what is happening on "the other side of the shop". What traditionally has been called our rebuild department has grown into more of a full on custom truck upfit shop.This has no way affected the regular repair shop or the towing and roadside service, those sides of the business have grown rapidly lately as well. Doing the rebuilt wrecked vocational trucks we were always tied to the market and what was out there wrecked. From hydrovacs hit by trains to garbage trucks we have rebuilt it all, but it was always hard to build a consistent customer base as we never had the same type of truck in here consistently or the markets moved so much.

Our truck salesman Curtis's background before coming to Quality was running a roll off dumpster business not far from our shop. We all recognized a need for trucks to be built from the perspective of a hauler, and not of a large corporation just trying to move more types of cookie cutter equipment. In February we partnered with Multilift hooklifts to set out and build the best trucks on the market. The Multilift brand fit right in our wheelhouse as the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into these hook lifts are extraordinary. We met with local haulers and asked them "What is your perfect specs in a truck". While all have their differing preferences, they all agreed on a truck that is built to take the harsh conditions.

From the rear bumper to the functionality of the hoist, our trucks are thought out with ROI and the end user in mind. We have since partnered with several tarp manufacturers, added an extensive line of hydraulic hose and fitting options and are working on an opportunity to provide cable style roll off trucks as well. We have morphed that side of the business and will continue to do so as there is such a large need for someone in the area to do so. We are working with our parts department daily to stock more consumable parts that are catered to the roll off industry, from extra tarps to roll off straps we now stock it.

Our business has grown exponentially since we started this and we have some great local customer to thank such as: Creekside Dumpsters LLC out of Fenwick, MI, Four Seasons Sanitation out of Evart, MI, and GFL/American Waste out of Kalkasaka, MI. We are truly grateful for their support in this venture and are excited for what lies ahead for us and this side of the business.

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