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Heavy Truck Repair Shop Services

We're proud to provide quality truck repair services in Clare, MI.

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Quality Truck & Tire's heavy-duty tow truck.

Brake Service

The most important part of your drive is the ability to stop. Brakes can fail, it just comes with the territory. Contact Quality Truck & Tire, we know your brake system inside and out.

Coolant System Service

Your coolant system in your commercial vehicle is essential to dissipate the heat from the engine. But what happens when the system fails?

DOT Inspection Service

When you have your commercial vehicles regularly inspected, your farm or business can benefit beyond basic compliance.

Diagnostics & Electrical Service

A complete and thorough understanding of electrical systems and components is not as common as you think. We're electrical experts at Quality Truck & Tire.

Driveline Service

Experiencing issues with the driveline in your heavy duty equipment? Bring it to our Quality Truck & Tire repair shop today.

Engine Conversion Service

Sometimes you just need to go back to what works. A conversion to a Pre-mission Cat or Cummins provides reliable power and economy while keeping you on the road where you belong.

Engine Repair & Overhaul Service

We've got the knowledge and expertise to repair your engine correctly, and when overhaul is required Quality Truck & Tire has the specialty tools, repair methods and expertise required to do it right.

Exhaust System Service

If your exhaust system is functioning optimally, you shouldn't notice it at all. But what happens when it isn't?

HVAC System Service

You want your heavy equipment operators to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter while on the job.

Oil & Fluid Service

It is very important to make sure that your oil and fluids are topped up and changed on a regular basis to ensure optimal equipment performance.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Keeping up with the routine maintenance of your heavy on road equipment is essential to avoid costly future repairs. Or worse.

Suspension Service

Michigan roads really beat up your suspension. We can take care of all your worn and failed suspension components.

Transmission & Clutch Service

Transmission repair and clutch replacement is essential to keeping your rig on the road.

Truck Alignment Service

Proper truck alignment is essential to ensure the prolonged life and to avoid premature wear and tear.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance & Heavy-Truck Towing in Clare, MI

Quality Truck & Tire is a leading truck repair shop in Clare, MI that proudly serves truck and trailer owners with high-quality, emergency roadside repair services. With a team of trained and experienced mobile technicians, we are committed to make our clients happy by being there quickly when they are in need.

24 Hours Per Day. 7 Days Per Week.

24 hours roadside assistance service is available anytime. Fully equipped fleet of repair vehicles ready to get your rig back on the road. We are a full service, one stop truck repair shop.

Family-owned & Operated since 2007.

We are a family owned and operated company. We specialize in servicing light, medium, and heavy trucks at our location on N. Mission Road in Clare, MI. If you can’t come to us, just call our Emergency Hotline and let our team of mechanics come to you. Some of the roadside truck inspection and repair services we provide include:
  • Air System Inspection
  • Brakes: Air & Hydraulic
  • Cooling System Repairs
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Hydraulics Inspection
  • Wheel End Service
  • Mobile Trailer Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Heater Trip Inspection

100% Customer Satisfaction.

Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction. Every time. Our technicians stay updated with the latest improvements in the automotive technology to deliver quick and quality repairs. With every interaction, we strive to make our community better.