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When you have your commercial vehicles regularly inspected, your farm or business can benefit beyond basic compliance.

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DOT Inspection

DOT Commercial Vehicle Inspection

These days, commercial vehicle inspections are about much more than simply inspection compliance. When you have your commercial vehicles regularly inspected, your business can actually achieve certain benefits in addition to the compliance. At Quality Truck & Tire, we take great pride in our commercial vehicle inspection services that we provide our valued customers.

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Your commercial vehicle can get the maintenance it needs before it develops into a greater issue

When you receive a commercial vehicle inspection at Quality Truck & Tire, you can have underlying issues detected early before they turn into more costly issues down the road. Reduce your maintenance and repair costs with routine commercial vehicle inspections. 

Your company’s operation downtime can decrease 

Because you have your commercial vehicle inspected regularly, you will be able to stay on top of, and rectify, any issues that would prevent your business from operating efficiently. Your commercial vehicle would get the attention it needs right then and there during the commercial vehicle inspection process. 

You can keep insurance costs down 

With regular commercial vehicle inspections, you can ensure that your commercial vehicles are staying in the best condition possible and will not break down on the job. Additionally, as the business owner, you can have confidence knowing that your operators are driving safe vehicles in good condition.

Limit your exposure to liability 

Commercial vehicles are required to be inspected before use and have updated documentation to confirm. Doing this before-use inspection can save you from having issues with insurance and state regulators after an accident. If you do not have the documentation of a before-use inspection of your commercial vehicle, and an accident does occur, you could be liable for heavy non-compliance fines.  

For all of your commercial vehicle inspection needs, we encourage you to choose the experts at Quality Truck & Tire. Click here to find our contact information and get in touch with our team today.

I hit a deer at 430am, these guys were out promptly to tow me. They were all very compassionate to my situation, let me sit in their closed office until I could figure out transportation. I had to take multiple trips to my vehicle and they were always very helpful. 10/10 would recommend!!

Alice H
Clare, MI

Outstanding service! They were very helpful when we blew tires on our camper. They even went out of their way to get 2 more so we had 4 new tires after blowing 2/4 tires on our trip

Stephanie Pierce
Clare, MI

These guys were super. They did not have the tire I needed so they called three different places and found me a tire. They drove across town to pick it up for me. They fed me homemade cookies coffee and a comfortable lounge so comfortable I took a nap LOL. Charged me Only $75. A bunch of super good guys there to take care of you if you ever need help In their area. Thanks for all your hospitality!

Michael Brown
Clare, MI