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Sometimes you just need to go back to what works. A conversion to a Pre-mission Cat or Cummins provides reliable power and economy while keeping you on the road where you belong.

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Engine Conversion

The Best Engine Conversion Service in Clare, Michigan

If you are considering an engine conversion for your commercial vehicle, then chances are, you have been experiencing a whole list of maintenance issues, the engine is just very old, or you are wanting to get better performance out of your equipment. Engine conversions are commonly thought to be a risky and pricey endeavor, while this can be true, an engine conversion can also be a good way to improve the performance of the vehicle without the need to replace the entire vehicle. At Quality Truck & Tire, we make it our mission to provide our valued customers with high end heavy on road equipment repairs and services. We do this by utilizing our expert technicians and advanced equipment. For all of your engine conversion needs, Quality Truck & Tire is the place to be.

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What is an engine conversion?

An engine conversion refers to swapping out the current engine of the vehicle with a new one, or better one, that increases or changes the performance of the vehicle. An engine conversion is an extensive repair that requires expert technicians and specialized equipment. If the current engine of your commercial vehicle has been giving you issues and you have been pouring money into it for a long period of time, then an engine conversion could sound like a beneficial repair. However, it is essential to understand that a lot goes into making sure the right engine goes back into your vehicle. It is for this reason that working with a reputable and experienced facility like Quality Truck & Tire is a must. 

Why should you consider an engine conversion?

There are many reasons why you would want to undergo an engine conversion on your commercial vehicle. One thing's for sure, if you are going to be doing an engine conversion, it is essential to partner up with a reputable and experienced facility like Quality Truck & Tire so that you can take advantage of our expert technicians, advanced equipment, and know-how. Some of the reasons to do an engine conversion include:

Improved performance and efficiency: Commonly, engine conversions are done to improve the performance of the vehicle. A bigger capacity engine brings more power and torque, which translates to much higher performance.

To ease maintenance costs: If you have been dealing with regular engine maintenance issues that are burning a hole in your wallet, then an engine conversion can be a good way to alleviate this. With what you will pay for the engine conversion up front, you will be able to save ten fold in the long run with a smooth running vehicle. 

Your engine conversion should be handled by a reputable and experienced facility that has the right equipment. Quality Truck & Tire is here to handle your engine conversions and get you back on the road as soon as possible and with new found performance. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a member of our team today.

Sheared all six wheel studs off on my fifthwheel. They came out and fixed it on the road side.

Robert Saul
Clare, MI

I take my fleet vehicles here for service regularly and couldn't be happier. Honest, hard working and polite. Keep up the good work.

Steve Hippler
Clare, MI

These guys were super. They did not have the tire I needed so they called three different places and found me a tire. They drove across town to pick it up for me. They fed me homemade cookies coffee and a comfortable lounge so comfortable I took a nap LOL. Charged me Only $75. A bunch of super good guys there to take care of you if you ever need help In their area. Thanks for all your hospitality!

Michael Brown
Clare, MI