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Suspension Services

Suspension Services

Keeping up with regular maintenance and inspection of your heavy equipment is essential to ensure its prolonged lifespan. Your heavy equipment is probably used on a daily basis all day everyday and this wear and tear can have a great impact on essential functions of the equipment. Your suspension provides ride comfort and ensures that you can carry your load over various types of terrain. At Quality Truck & Tire, we make it our mission to provide our valued customers with high quality heavy duty on road equipment repairs. Our facility in Clare is well equipped to handle all of your suspension needs. 

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How to tell if you are having suspension issues

There are many common indicators that you could be in need of suspension repairs for your heavy equipment. Steering components and suspensions tend to be pretty reliable and don't require a lot of shop time, but problems can sneak up as the equipment ages. It might be safe to leave them more or less alone for the first few years, but you definitely don't want to ignore them completely. Some signs of suspension issues can include: 

- If you are feeling more bumps, shakes, and vibrations as you drive

- If your vehicle is pulling to either side as you drive

- If your vehicle is rocking and swaying even while driving over smaller road bumps

- If one side of your vehicle rests higher than the other side while you are parked

- If you are hearing rattling or strange sounds coming from underneath the vehicle as you drive 

What can you do to inspect your own vehicle for suspension issues?

Doing your own inspections of your suspension system can help you identify the above mentioned issues. Inspections of the steering and the suspension itself can help identify issues before you bring your heavy equipment tin for repairs. Check the steering of your equipment by turning the wheel to see if there is any play in the movement. Additionally, you can visually inspect the suspension for indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked or missing springs; loose shackles; missing bolts; unsecured spring hangers; and cracked or loose U-bolts. Also, check any unsecured axle positioning parts and for signs of axle misalignment.  

For all of your suspension repair needs, we encourage you to consider Quality Truck & Tire today. Let our team of expert technicians and advanced equipment get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

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Awesome place, very honest folks and very good at what they do

Chuck Rogalski
Clare, MI

Excellent service personnel! Very polite... we are travelling in an RV and had warning lights come on. They connected to their computer, and found the issue... they didn't have part to repair it so found a reputable dealer in Grand Rapids, called them to make sure they had a part. They gave us all the info we needed and told us we were ok to drive! And the bill was a very fair price!!

Deborah Herry
Clare, MI

I take my fleet vehicles here for service regularly and couldn't be happier. Honest, hard working and polite. Keep up the good work.

Steve Hippler
Clare, MI