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Proper truck alignment is essential to ensure the prolonged life and to avoid premature wear and tear.

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Truck Alignment

Truck Alignment

Making sure that your heavy on road equipment stays in good alignment is essential for its routine maintenance and prolonged lifespan. If your heavy equipment is out of alignment, then you will start to notice premature wear on the tires and other essential components. For all of your truck alignment needs, Quality Truck & Tire is here to help. Our professional heavy duty on road equipment repair facility in Clare is ready to administer your truck alignment services, and get you back on the road as quickly, and as straight as possible. 

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What are some signs that your heavy duty truck is out of alignment?

When your truck is out of alignment you will start to notice certain components wearing down and even feel the vehicle driving differently. One thing is certain, when you notice truck alignment issues, it is very important to have them addressed as soon as possible by a reputable repair facility. Some common signs of truck alignment issues include: 

Uneven or worn tires 

If one or multiple tires are starting to show a different wear pattern, then this could indicate that your truck is out of alignment. If there is more wear on the outside tires, this is a common sign as well. 

Your truck is pulling to one side

If while driving your truck, you begin to notice that it is pulling to one side or another without turning the wheel, then this is a common alignment issue sign. Your vehicle should travel down the road as straight as possible and there should be no play in the steering wheel.

You are feeling vibrations

The feeling of vibrations while you are driving down the road can be a sign of alignment issues. Poor alignment can make your steering wheel vibrate and shake as you drive.  

Your steering wheel is off centre 

If you are noticing that your steering wheel is off centre, then this could mean that your alignment is as well. Your steering wheel should be straight as you drive straight. If it is slightly off to the side while you are driving straight, then your alignment is off.   

For all of your truck alignment needs, we encourage you to bring your heavy duty on road equipment to our repair facility today. Let our team at Quality Truck & Tire get you back on the road as straight and quick as possible. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a representative.

We had our 1996 motor home break down on the side of US-10. On a sunday which anlso was Fathers day. The amazing mechanic named Paul came out with the tow truck, and attempted to fix the issue for us. When we could not he towed us back to their yard, allowed us to plug in for the night to their electricity without charge and stay in our motor home while offering us a loner car if we needed to go to town. They got rite to us in the morning and managed to find the parts we needed rite away. These folks are amazing!

Dean Franley
Clare, MI

They know there business, and get you in. Fix it good the first time.

Frederick Peabody
Clare, MI

I take my fleet vehicles here for service regularly and couldn't be happier. Honest, hard working and polite. Keep up the good work.

Steve Hippler
Clare, MI