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We're proud to provide emergency roadside service and heavy-duty truck towing in Clare, MI.

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Setbacks on the road can impact your services’ quality and brand’s positive recognition. Regardless of your semi truck’s needs, working with a reliable emergency roadside service provider is essential.
At Quality Truck and Tire, we have the best services and partnerships that will resolve your truck’s issue and get you back on the road. We are well-equipped in handling different semi-truck repairs and will set you on your way with ease. Contact us today to find out the effectiveness of our truck repair services.
Emergency road service for a Kenworth semi-truck on a rainy highway at night.

Emergency Roadside Service for Semi-Trucks

Are you looking for a leading truck repair shop in Clare, MI? Quality Truck and Tire is at your service for emergency roadside services for semi-trucks. Truck and trailer owners can trust us for top-notch emergency services that will get you out of trouble. 

Contact us anytime you are in need. We’ll gladly arrive on the scene to bail you out. We deliver an average response time of under an hour, and our service professionals will respond to your needs at a moment’s notice. 

One-Stop Shop for Road Calls

Quality Truck and Tire is a one-stop truck repair shop fully equipped with robust repair vehicles. We offer affordable roadside assistance services that will ease your road trouble, allowing you to get to your destination with ease. 

Light mechanical issue? Dead battery? Flat tire? We have the adequate technical expertise to repair your big rig regardless of your location. We will get to you with a full array of roadside tools that will fix whatever breakdown you encounter. 

Our technicians keep up with the latest automotive technology to deliver quality repairs. At Quality Truck and Tire, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction as we seek to make our community better. We take great pride in handling all your truck’s maintenance needs quickly and efficiently. 

Our Emergency Roadside Service for Semi-Trucks

At Quality Truck and Tire, we work relentlessly to provide complete satisfaction to our semi-truck clients. Our team comprises adequately skilled and reliable technicians. Our emergency roadside services are always available to keep your fleet in pristine condition any time of the day. We offer various roadside services, including:


A dead battery can be extremely annoying, especially if you are on a delivery. Dead batteries will slow you down and prevent you from completing your journey. Count on our team to give you a jump start whenever you hit a snag while on the road. 

Flat Tire Changes

Semi-truck flat tires are often dangerous and can inconvenience your plans. If you don’t correct a flat tire promptly, your truck may remain sidelined for hours. Frequent tire failures could arise from misaligned axles, low tread depth, or over and under-inflation.

Our expert professionals can deliver a new tire wherever you are in no time. Besides, we’ll come with the right tools to replace the flat tire and get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

Lockout Assistance

Any big rig driver will laugh off the idea of locking themselves out of their truck. However, we do receive calls from truck drivers seeking lockout assistance. With regular stops during your long-haul drive, it is understandable for a driver to misplace keys when jumping into a diner. 

We provide locksmithing services that will get you back into your truck and on your way in no time. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you misplace your keys. 

Fuel Delivery

Don’t become hard on yourself when you forget to get enough fuel. Call our emergency semi-truck roadside professionals to deliver enough fuel for the rest of your journey. Count on us to ensure that you have little trouble getting to the next filling station. 

Collision Assistance

Our certified tow operators are always on-hand to offer towing and recovery services if your truck gets into a collision. We run a live dispatch team that will answer your distress calls and get to the accident scene as soon as possible. 

Our knowledgeable operators will assess your truck and guide you on the next best steps that will guarantee your safety. If we can’t get your vehicle back on the road, we’ll tow you to our nearest service station and help restore your semi-truck to top performance. 

Mobile Mechanics

Are you not sure about the issue with your semi-truck? Do not worry. Our roadside assistance packages offer mobile mechanic service to help you get back on the road. We’ll send an expert technician who’ll help to diagnose your issue. Once they identify the problem, our technicians will help to provide a solution. If we fail to resolve the case, we will provide efficient towing services to get you out of trouble.

Electrical System Failure

Your semi-truck has multiple electrical components that require frequent maintenance to avoid malfunctions. Clicking sounds, flickering lights, and dead batteries often point to a malfunctioning electrical system. 

If your semi-truck fails to start after a routine break, reach out to our experienced technicians for support. We deliver immediate roadside assistance that will get your semi-truck up and running. 

Braking System Malfunction

Most semi-truck breakdowns often arise from damaged brakes. Applying immense pressure on your discs and drum brake regularly contributes to braking system malfunctions. In such instances, your brake systems face increased exposure to friction, heat, and stress on different components. 

Count on our technicians to help you fix your braking systems and get you on the road in no time. Besides, we’ll ensure that your braking system is in good condition to guarantee your safety once you hit the road. We’ll also help you create a regular maintenance schedule to reduce wear on your truck’s brakes.

Emergency Semi-Truck Roadside Service Any Time

Our expert team provides roadside assistance throughout Michigan. We offer roadside assistance services for truckers round-the-clock.
Irrespective of the semi-truck you’re driving when you need roadside assistance, our experienced team is always on hand to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
Whether your semi-truck needs roadside support on a rural off-road or in busy city intersections, our team has the best service packages to fit your needs. Count on us to get you to a trusted service regardless of where you break down.
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"My truck broke down on a snowstorm day. I called them and helped me immediately."
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