In the event of a breakdown or a need for major repair, Houghton Lake truck operators can trust Quality Truck & Tire Service LLC to properly fix their trucks and get them back on the road. As a certified Napa Truck Care Center, Quality Truck & Tire has been delivering honest and professional service to Houghton Lake Truck drivers since 2007.

Houghton Lake, MI Truck Repair Shop & Service Center

Your Alternative truck service shop to Houghton Lake Dealerships

We at Quality Truck & Tire Service LLC utilize the latest cutting edge equipment and employ expert technicians to offer top notch service to do all that a dealership does and strive to do it better. Let us show you how quick turnaround, 100% customer satisfaction and great value allow us to compete with any dealership.

The following are some of the services we offer for truck and fleet operators in Houghton Lake, MI area:

  • Trailer Service & Repair
  • Towing
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Chassis Repair
  • Hydraulic System Repair
  • Brake Service
  • Mobile Service
  • Transmission Rebuild, Service & Repair
  • Belt and Hose Replacement
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Batteries
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • DOT Inspections
  • Fleet Management
  • Air System Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Trailer Service
  • Flushes
  • Diesel Engine Service & Repair
  • Tire Service
  • A/C – Air Conditioning service
  • Steering
  • Electrical Repair
  • Fuel Injection Service

Check out our nationwide "Peace of Mind" warranty which provides our customers with 12-months/12,000-miles of worry free protection on qualifying parts and labor. Please call (989) 802-0800 to learn more about our services or contact us online.

Get the best for your truck and the most for your buck… Call Quality Truck & Tire Service Today!

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